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  • What is SI?

    SI is an investment fund registered in the UK. Registration documents can be found here.

  • How do you earn money?

    Investment in IT sector is the core activity of SI. Details can be found here.

  • How can I become an investor in SI?

    To become an investor, you need to register on our website. To do this, simply enter your email address and choose a password. Make sure your password is hard for others to guess. Never tell anyone your registration details.

  • How safe is it to invest in SI?

    Any investment activity carries some risk and you should not invest more than you can lose. However, the main objective of SI is to minimize risk and provide stable income to its investors.

  • Can I have more than one account in the system?

    Yes, you can have multiple accounts in the system, for example, for different deposits. However, it is strictly forbidden for one person to have two or more accounts connected by referral links.

  • How can I change my personal data?

    You can change your personal data from your personal account. Some data can be changed only by contacting our customer support service. This is to ensure maximum security for your accounts.

  • What if I am having trouble registering?

    Delete the cookie files in your browser, use another browser or change the provider. If these actions do not help, please contact customer support.

Investment plans
  • What investment plans can you offer me?

    At present, we offer 4 investment plans.

      Test Start Pro VIP
    Period 14 days 25 days 40 day 65 days
    Deposit 50-500 usd 500-2500 usd 2500-5000 usd 5000-20.000 usd
    Profit 0.5% 1.4% 1.8% 2.5%
    Reff. commision 3,00% 5,00% 5,00% 8,00%







  • Is interest paid only on weekdays?

    Interest on your account is acquired daily and credited to your available balance at the end of each calendar day.

  • Can I withdraw my deposit ahead of schedule?

    Yes, you can (below is a table with penalty rates). For example: you made a deposit of $5,700, and decided to withdraw it after a month. You need to contact our customer service with this request. After processing your request, $5,130 dollars ($5,700-10%) will be transferred to you. Premature withdrawal is available 10 days after making a deposit.

      Test Start Pro VIP
    % of the deposit Нет 15,00% 15,00% 10,00%



  • How do you process deposits made from different electronic payment systems (EPS)?

    Deposits made from different EPS are considered separately and cannot be connected in any way.

  • My deposit amount increased after some time. Will the investment plan change?

    Yes. If a high reinvestment rate was chosen, and having reached the necessary amount, you will be moved to a move profitable investment plan. For example: you made a deposit of $4,500 and chose a 75% reinvestment rate. After a while, your deposit will be more than $5,000, which will change the plan to a more profitable one.

  • Can I combine my deposits and move to a more profitable investment plan?

    Yes, you can if you are making a deposit from one EPS. For example: you have a deposit of $3,000, and, after two weeks, you made another deposit of $2,500 from the same EPS. You now have $5,500 in your account and your investment plan will change.

  • Do you have automatic reinvestment?

    Yes, when depositing and during the operating time of the deposit, you can change your reinvestment rate from 0 to 100%.

  • How can I make a deposit?

    You can make a deposit using Perfect Money (perfectmoney.is).

  • How can I withdraw my profits?

    You can withdraw your profits to the same Perfect Money purse from which the deposit was made.

  • Are there any additional or hidden fees for deposit or payments?

    No, we do not charge fees for deposit or payments except for premature withdrawal of deposit.

  • How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

    Deposit made using Perfect Money is credited instantly. However, if for some reason this did not happen, please contact our customer support.

  • How long does it take to process payments?

    Payments are processed within 24 hours after making a request.

  • What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

    The minimum deposit amount is $50 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1.

  • What are the maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

    The maximum deposit amount is $20,000 and the maximum withdrawal amount is not limited.

  • What is the reason for the delay in withdrawing my funds?

    In most cases, delays are due to inaccessibility of the EPS website or problems with the hosting company.

  • I did not find an answer to my question. Who do I contact?

    If you did not find an answer to your question, please contact our customer support via support@stableinvestments.biz or by phone +441770380008

  • I received an email requesting for my personal data. What should I do?

    SI will never ask you for your personal data. Be careful, it is most likely that scammers are trying to gain access to your data.

  • Except in this site, where else can I follow news about the project?

    You can also follow news in our group at Facebook.

Referral system
  • Can I earn by attracting investors to your project?

    Yes, you can earn money by promoting our company.
  • Where can I find promotional materials and a referral link?

    Promotional materials can be found in your account in the “Referral system” section.

  • Are there restrictions in the referral system?

    There are no limitations on the number of referrals that can be attracted and on the remuneration amount. Remuneration amount depends on the investment plan chosen by the investor attracted. 

      Test Start Pro VIP
    % of the contribution 3 5 5 8


  • How can I use the money received in the referral system?

    You can withdraw it or make a deposit.