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It is an open secret that IT is today the most developing sector. There are many cases of big deals where a young software development company or mobile app company is acquired for millions. According to SI analysts, information technology is currently the most prospective in terms of investment and profits. Since the services market for IT companies and digital agencies is not centralized, and customers can be located in any country, investing is stable to local changes, crises and sanctions from the government.
But which IT sections are the most suitable for investment? Nobody can give an unequivocal answer to this question. Nevertheless, according to SI experts, the most suitable involves investment in development of iOS apps. Without going deep into analytics, it is sufficient to say that in the 5 years of existence of APP STORE, more than 50 billion apps have been downloaded, while developers have received $10 billion. Developers whose applications were in the Top 10 made profits of more than $50,000. 
That is why a group of enthusiasts created investment fund SI because we believe that we will be able to succeed in this challenging business only together with you.
Now that you already understand SI business model, let’s tell you more about the company itself and about what it can give you.
The company is registered in the UK at 20 CENTENARY AVENUE, SOUTH SHIELDS, TYNE AND WEAR. It currently employs 23 people, which include a business analyst, consultant, administrative block, a project office (design, development, creativity, QA, copywriting/content, and a system administrator), marketing and PR, support and a lawyer.
SI offers four investment plans with different durations and interest rates. But a special feature of the investment proposal from SI is that you can withdraw your deposit and interest earned at any time without having to wait till the end of the investment plan. More details about this scheme can be found here. The minimum deposit amount is only $50 thereby making it easy for anyone to join the SI program and receive a stable income.
In addition to investments, SI also offers extra earnings through affiliate programs. You receive up to 8% of the deposit made by an investor invited to the project by you. Our rate is one of the highest in the market. To increase the effectiveness of our marketing division, we have developed a range of promotional materials that will surely help you in promoting our company.
We have tried to briefly describe the main investment proposals and the benefits of SI. However, if you have any further questions or problems, please immediately contact our customer support service.