Back in 2009 a team or a person under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto generated the first ever 50-bitcoin clock. The first 5000 bitcoins were sold for 5$.

    Just in 8 years the cryptocurrency value has increased by tens of thousands times, and today it begins to occupy an important place in our lives. The philosophy of Bitcoin itself, which is the concept of free and secure money exchange between people from all over the world without any intermediate parties, is worthy of respect.

    And nowadays there are more and more opportunities for participation in technological progress. We are involved in studying and operating cryptocurrencies and want to invite you to join the process of creation of a new free world.

    That’s one transaction for a person, but the whole new economy for mankind.

    perpetual profitability of the project60% per month

    16 project participants

    About the Project

    What makes cryptocurrency even more interesting is its ability to provide different earning options. These include long-time investments, confirmation of transactions, and the most profitable one - trading on exchanges. We chose trading as the most profitable tool for us and our investors. Trezer Bit limited started as a community of like-minded people who saw the huge potential of the network not only in the financial sector, but also in the technological sphere. With the increase in demand, it literally evolved before our eyes. Then we realized that there are potential users who also would like to participate, but they experienced lack of time or knowledge. This was the reason for the foundation of our company. We set ourselves the task of helping every person who wants to join us and make this process as open and simple as possible.

    And you can evaluate the level of our success yourself by opening a deposit and taking a step towards your financial independence.


    We guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations

    • Official company

      The company is registered in London as Trezer Bit limited, registration number 10996679
    • High profitability

      Our investors have a profitability of up to 60% per month
    • World payment systems

      You can replenish your account using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash e-wallets. As well as via Bitcoin and Ethereum cruptocurrencies, of course. Visa and MasterCard will be added soon
    • 24/7 Support

      24-hour customer support in four languages


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