About us


    Very often people do not have time to understand the tool, but they want to get a passive income, which would exceed the inflation rate. Unfortunately, "old and simple" ways like bank deposits can not cope with this task anymore.

    This is our main goal - to help people become a little more free from restraining desires with their financial capabilities. We believe in building a bright future by getting rid of the current system of monetary enslavement.

    Trazer Bit limited invests in cryptocurrency exchanges and brings our investors a stable income. You don’t need to have a large budget or be a trade expert. You just need to open a deposit, and reap the benefits since the very next day. We do not simply use well-known financial tools, but apply a unique scientific approach.


    We guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations

    • Official company

      The company is registered in London as Trezer Bit limited, registration number 10996679

    • High profitability

      Our investors have a profitability of up to 60% per month

    • World payment systems

      You can replenish your account using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash e-wallets. As well as via Bitcoin and Ethereum cruptocurrencies, of course. Visa and MasterCard will be added soon

    • 24/7 Support

      24-hour customer support in four languages

    The cryptocurrency technologies have been attracting closer attention in recent years. New solutions are being developed to speed up and improve the security of the network.

    It is important to understand that the system is decentralized and can not be influenced from within. Development takes place so quickly that the methods of hacking become obsolete before they even appear.

    You can be sure of the full safety of your funds. In addition to the network protection itself, Trazer Bit provides an additional level of transaction security on its website, using additional SSL certificates and DDOS protection.

    Just a few security thresholds become an insurmountable barrier to scammers.

    But saving money is also a task for the money owner himself. Please follow the simple rules of account data storing. Do not pass any data about your login and password to third parties, in any case.

    Our employees will never ask you to give away your password. Use trusted networks to connect to the site, scammers may use a dummy network in shared areas. If you think that your password got into the wrong hands - immediately change it in your personal account.