• How do I become an investor?

      First you need to register. After logging in, you can open a deposit on the Deposit tab in your personal account. You can also monitor the balance of your account. The dedicated calculator in the Investors section will help you calculate your profit.

    • How do I replenish my account balance?

      You can replenish your account with Visa and MasterCard, or using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash e-wallets. As well as via Bitcoin and Ethereum cruptocurrencies, of course.

    • What profit amount does Trezer Bit limited offer to the investors?

      Each business day during the one month period 8% of your deposit amount is accrued on your balance. The total income amounts in 160%, which means 60% of net profit.

    • How do I invite my friends to join in?

      You can invite a friend by sharing the link given on the Referrals tab in your personal account. After registering via the link, your friend will become your companion.

    • How does the referral system work?

      You can get 7% from all the funds deposited by your invited companions. This interest is accrued on your balance. We provide a multi-level referral system. If your friend invites another companion, you will receive an interest from his deposit as well.

    • How do I become a partner?

      When your number of referrals reaches , you get the opportunity to become a partner of our company. You can also increase the size of your team and your representative level. There are three levels of the partnership program.

    • How do I withdraw funds?

      Go to the Withdraw tab in your personal account. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. The money will be sent to your payment details specified in the account settings.

    • How do I change my password or e-mail?

      In order to change the password, go to the Settings tab in your account. Click Change Password in the lower right corner. To change the e-mail, enter a new address in “Your e-mail” field and click Save in the lower right corner. On the same tab you can change your login, name and security settings.

    • Didn’t find an answer to your question?

      Please contact our friendly Support team, they will be glad to help you.