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    Min. amount of investment:5$
    Min. withdrawal amount:2$
    Min. withdrawal in btc:5$
    Profit per day:5%
    Levels of ref. programs:3
    Min. investment period:365 days

    Welcome, fellow investors! . One of the most remarkable features of cryptocurrencies is the technology on which the network is based. Blockchain - anonymous and secure.

    It allows you to make transactions from anywhere in the world if you have an access to the Internet. Therefore, you can easily deposit or withdraw funds, without being afraid to spend your free time traveling around the globe.

    Invite friends and make big profits. New members expand the network and boost the interest. This encourages the emergence of new and diverse cryptocurrencies. The market is growing thanks to You.

    Use the calculator to plan your investments. The income is accrued every day for 20 business days. The net profit is 60% of the deposit amount.

    We offer our investors a multi-level referral system:

    1st level - 7% of a companion’s deposit;

    2nd level - 2% of a companion’s deposit;

    3rd level - 1% of a companion’s deposit.

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    The cryptocurrency technologies have been attracting closer attention in recent years. New solutions are being developed to speed up and improve the security of the network.

    It is important to understand that the system is decentralized and can not be influenced from within. Development takes place so quickly that the methods of hacking become obsolete before they even appear.

    You can be sure of the full safety of your funds. In addition to the network protection itself, Trazer Bit provides an additional level of transaction security on its website, using additional SSL certificates and DDOS protection.

    Just a few security thresholds become an insurmountable barrier to scammers.

    But saving money is also a task for the money owner himself. Please follow the simple rules of account data storing. Do not pass any data about your login and password to third parties, in any case.

    Our employees will never ask you to give away your password. Use trusted networks to connect to the site, scammers may use a dummy network in shared areas. If you think that your password got into the wrong hands - immediately change it in your personal account.